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Want a day of clear, honest business strategy and practical marketing advice on accelerating the growth of your business?

Want to place your brand in front of the right people and smash through all your business goals this year?

Tired of attending events where they don't really show you practical marketing methods (or worse, where they haven't actually done what they're teaching you to do)?

Need one-to-one expert guidance on marketing strategy, online business tactics, branding, design, web development, copywriting, social media, paid advertising and video marketing… all in just one day… and at no extra cost?

Then join us in for one unmissable day...

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Alex Melia

Director - Swoosh English

Really enjoyed the Marketing Saturday Live event last week with Matt and Kelly. Pure content!

Definitely 10 X'ed what I paid. I have implemented many things they recommended that day into my business and seeing results already.

Thanks so much and I'd highly recommend this to other people who are considering joining the next one.

No matter where you are in business right now, marketing your business is tough.

You already know that marketing is a core skill that you or your team must have, but the marketing world moves so quickly that you struggle to find the time to keep up.

And even when you do focus on marketing, you're left with a ton of options and no real clear plan for putting the right elements to work in your business.

marketing saturday live business marketing

We get it.

We've seen the owners of businesses (large and small) trying out all kinds of marketing ideas, only to end up realising they were wrong for their business.

Marketing can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, where the rules change every 20 minutes (especially online).

And let’s face it, most marketing events don't really help either.

They're often over-the-top 'pitch fests' where presenter after presenter gets up on stage to sell you some magical (generic) course, disguised as an informative talk.

And if they do show you what to do, it's in such a fragmented way that it feels incomplete, and you feel like you still don't have the direction you need.

But it doesn't have to be that way for you anymore.


In just one day, we're going to show you how to:

Make people fall in love with your brand

Increase the number of targeted visitors to your website

Turn those targeted visitors into leads and sales consistently

Develop irresistible marketing campaigns that vastly improve your conversions

Know what to change to get the most leads and sales for the least money

Keep your customers coming back for more

Become a stand out market industry leader

Discover the tools you need to save time and automate specific parts of your marketing

Master platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to drive engagement



Vinilla Burnham

Marketing Saturday Live was excellent, packed with super helpful information and insight into marketing and social media, thank you!

Peter Butler

Peter Butler

Director - LoneOak Productions

I recently had a 1-2-1 with Matt, where we discussed ways in which I could use online marketing to increase my reach to new clients as well as increase website visits.

Matt not only took the time to understand the clients I was aiming to reach but also provided amazing advice on how to leverage many of the tools the internet has to offer.

He truly is an amazing talent in his field, add to this that he’s also a really nice genuine, down to Earth person and you can’t go wrong.

What’s Different About This Event?

1. In just one day, you'll get the actual tools, strategies and tactics you need to grow your business...

Most industry events or workshops fall into one of two categories - Brand Marketing or Internet Marketing.

The reality is that you need BOTH to grow a hugely successful business in today’s environment.

At Marketing Saturday Live, you will learn how to create a brand people fall in love with, how to develop super effective marketing strategies, how to create magnet campaigns that draw your ideal customers in AND how to implement those strategies and make money online.

You’ll get educational content that fuses traditional brand marketing techniques with direct response marketing techniques in a way that has never been seen before here in the UK.

2. This is all new content

You’ll leave the event with an end-to-end blueprint used by companies large and small to accelerate the growth of your business.

This is the first time that this blueprint has been shared with external audiences and the first time that our hugely profitable and award-winning marketing secrets will be revealed as one easily implementable process.

3. This isn’t a 'pitch fest'!

Forget everything you know about cookie cutter seminars, identikit marketing events and days of endless sales pitches.


You’ll get applicable content, tangible growth solutions and a blueprint that will enable you to set your business growth plans in action the very next day.


15167578_1186923811362070_5514012541735647068_o (1)

Still not sure? Well, let us ask you a few quick questions:

Have you wasted time and money on textbook marketing strategies or ‘magic button’ solutions that aren’t generating results?

Have you hit a wall whilst trying to grow your business? Are you unsure about how to reach a broader audience and increase your sales?

Are you fed up with marketing jargon and confused by online marketing platforms?

Do you want to remove all the guesswork and get your hands on a step-by-step, ‘do it yourself’ business growth blueprint that will allow you to boost your visibility, build your brand and increase your sales, literally in a matter of days?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then you can be sure that Marketing Saturday Live is for you!

Maggie Nguyen

Maggie Nguyen

Director - Auburn Rose

Thanks Matt for giving such an informative and engaging crash course on email marketing and social media advertising. Your passion, energy and enthusiasm truly made the session very enjoyable and productive! I came out with some great ideas for content and am very excited about putting these strategies into action!

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You’ll get the chance to work with two of the UK’s top marketing and business growth professionals to develop your own tailored marketing plan.

Deborah Fielding

Mirus Media

Kelly has a 'no fuss' approach that strips back all the chatter and confusion in your head, allowing you to focus on hearing the brilliance that lies inside you as a business owner.

Just the smallest of questions and someone being brave enough to give you a push when needed can take you a very long way... I got that from Kelly and will definitely work with her again on marketing strategies and growth plans for my business. 

Who are we? Well, if you don't already know us, here's a bit of info on us to help you make your decision

Kelly Teasdale - Founder of Market My Product

As the founder of Market My Product Ltd. I'm a woman with some serious business growth acumen.

I'm an award-winning global marketer, who has has lived and worked across the world, leading marketing teams in London, Paris, Brussels and New York, consulting for FTSE 250 companies and on global mega-brands, including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Samsung.

kelly mmp
Matt and Kelly Headshot

Matt Duggan - Founder of LeadGenSocial & Director of Marketing Agency

If you want to grow your business online this year, I'm the man to speak to.

As the founder of and director of marketing agency RoarLocal, I'm proud to say that I've helped over 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses to increase their sales and profits in as little as 1 month, using the power of digital marketing.

From coming up with viable new income streams, to building highly profitable ad campaigns, I've developed the plan that can make your business thrive on the internet.

A day with either one of us would cost you well over £1,000, so Marketing Saturday Live represents a unique opportunity for you to get us both working on your business for a ridiculously low price.

John Dodgson

John Dodgson

CTO - Ntercept LLC

Matt gave me a clear understanding of how to raise my digital profile and a set of immediately useful, practical techniques to achieve that. He’s engaging, authoritative and a good listener – if you want to know about digital marketing, I recommend you talk to him.

Isabel Genin

Chandler Chicco Companies

Kelly is one of those very rare people that have a great sense of business and network. She gathered all the necessary talents and resources to best serve my interests and was always available and willing to deliver what was needed to transform opportunities into business.

Fiona Hall

Cromer and District Food Bank

I have worked with Kelly for more than seven years; She is a consummate professional and always exceeds expectations, whether delivering marketing campaigns or coaching teams.

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Shelley Harris

Really enjoyed the Marketing Saturday Live. So many people had been giving me conflicting information. Kelly and Matt gave me clarity, I now have a plan of action and also understand WHY this works, can't wait to get unstuck.

P.S. Remember, during this 1-day event, you will be taught all the marketing and business growth skills you need, plus you will be given a step-by-step blueprint for achieving incredible business results.

P.P.S. Please bear in mind that due to the huge amount of value provided at this event, the fact that this is a strictly one-off event and there are limited number of places available, tickets are expected to sell out FAST. We urge you to reserve your seat now, before it’s too late!


P.P.P.S. Finally, your booking is fully protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you not be 100% happy with the content you receive, you will have up until lunchtime on the day of the workshop to request a full refund.

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